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Mr. Roy Breaux, Sr., Founder of Breaux's Bay Craft, Inc., began building boats commercially in 1946 along the Bayou Teche, Loreauville, Louisiana shortly after taking over the operation of his father's blacksmith shop. While serving the oil industry he saw a need for more quality vessels and founded Breaux's Bay Craft, Inc. in October 1957. 

The first boats produced were mostly tugboats and small crewboats. Through his increasing number of sales of the early workboats he established a financially sound shipyard dedicated to quality craftsmanship. A pacesetter in the aluminum boat building industry, Roy Breaux, Sr. is credited with building one of the world's first all-welded aluminum crewboats. Over the past sixty-nine years the firm has constructed over 1700 vessels of various types, including tugs, barges, crew boats, crew supply vessels, pilot vessels, passenger vessels, whale watchers, sport-fishermen and motor-yachts. The vessels constructed over the years range in size from 30 to 202 feet in length.

Although the shipyard is best known worldwide for its development and construction of large aluminum crew boats, vessel orders have been simultaneously filled for almost any service intended, whether commercial or private. Each vessel has been individually designed for complete satisfaction while all share the superior characteristic of a time-proven hull design. Roy's design has been cited as providing remarkable load-carrying, stability, and sea keeping. 

The all-welded aluminum construction is transversely framed with intercostal longitudinals. The integrity of the hull accounts for the vessel's maximum strength and minimum maintenance, long-life and appreciation in value. Breaux's Bay Craft's first designs were fabricated mostly of steel which was the basic material used during the company's early years. After a period of eleven years in steel construction, Breaux's Bay Craft's first all-aluminum crew boat was constructed in 1957.

Since most of Breaux's Bay Craft vessels are built to individual customer specifications, aluminum is the chosen construction material with its greater flexibility of design. Also, aluminum provides exceptional performance, maintainability, long life, and speed. Revolutionizing the boatbuilding industry, today Breaux's Bay Craft vessels are fabricated strictly of all-welded aluminum. 

The tradition started by Roy Breaux, Sr. of providing quality vessels which adhere to his strict standards is continued today by Roy's two children, Royce Breaux, Chairman of the Board, and Roy Breaux, Jr., President, who began to run the day-to-day operation of the company, under their father's guidance, in 1985. In all aspects, Breaux's Bay Craft, Inc. through experience and durability of its craft, has proven itself as the most efficient aluminum boat builder in the world.

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